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Occupation health and safety certification 2018-5-31
Environment Management System Certification 2018-5-31
Zhejiang province science and technology type small and medium enterprise certificate 2018-5-31
The company has been awarded the top ten enterprises in 2017 Qinshan street, the high quality development perf¡­ 2018-5-21
Quality management system certificate 2018-5-15
Safety production standardization certificate 2018-5-15
NB STAMP 2018-5-15
U STAMP 2018-5-15
Warmly celebrate our company won the "honest and private enterprise" in Haiyan in 2016-2017. 2018-5-14
Zhejiang Bofan power equipment Corp. with annual output of 1000 tons of container and pipeline prefabrication ¡­ 2018-3-16

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