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About the establishment and implantation on nuclear culture

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         The nuclear culture from its essence is a kind of safety culture, it comes from such a consensus: the nuclear power industry is a dangerous and contribution of coexistence of industry. Especially the Three Mile Island and Chernobyl accident events, more make people talk about nuclear discoloration, ninety's, American anti nuclear movement emerge in an endless stream, although today, nuclear power technology has matured, in China is entering a golden period of third generation nuclear power technology, but the Yu Putong crowd, for the popularization of knowledge management and nuclear safety is not more than ninety years.

         In 1988, the International Atomic Energy Agency under the international nuclear safety advisory group (1NSAG) summarized the several decades experience, provides a complete logic a framework for understanding the safety of nuclear power, in general is a systems approach, the effective security awareness and management system in the formation of nuclear power from the design to the operation of the whole process, so that the public and not because of nuclear power operation and increase the life and health risk. Vigorously develop nuclear technology to ensure the security of the premise, is the world's nuclear power development in China, with the rapid expansion of nuclear power installed capacity, will pay more attention to the safety of nuclear. And with the increase in the degree of domestic nuclear power, nuclear safety is not only the concept of design and operation of nuclear power and nuclear power equipment suppliers, thing, because it involves all the equipment of nuclear power operation are not due to any potential security risk, which requires the supplier to reconstruct their whole system and culture. But for the suppliers of nuclear power plants, nuclear culture angle and nuclear power are different, suppliers of nuclear power plants nuclear culture is more embodied in ensuring the quality of the products, the overall control of the quality of the products in accordance with the requirements of nuclear power, nuclear power to provide to meet the requirements of products, and through the process of building and building, promote the whole enterprise management, safety and quality system, and the formation of nuclear safety and integration of corporate culture.

        For suppliers, nuclear safety culture is embodied in three aspects: attitude, system and organization.

        Attitude is the thinking and work habits rooted in all the members of the enterprise, for the performance of the procedures, regulations and standards compliance and understanding, on the quality and security trade-off, formed by the management and organization of thinking habits affect the inherent mode of employees and enterprise management culture; system is the company's management system, quality systems and procedures, support for attitude; and the organization as a carrier to play a more important role, organization, the effectiveness of supervision, and the management of the degree of importance for the safety and quality, the direct effect on the quality and safety aspects of resource allocation and performance evaluation. These three aspects are equally important for the implementation of the nuclear safety culture of the enterprise, the lack of an implementation, nuclear security is equivalent to the nominal slogan.

         If the safety culture of the human body, the head is the leader, the waist is managers, foot is the executor. Any part of the unhealthy or weak cannot make people safe boarded the peak, while keeping the three parts of the health and harmony is the core content of the construction of safety culture. As a supplier, how to construct and build nuclear culture system on the basis of the original system and the enterprise culture, to form an effective mechanism, to ensure that all products and services services in nuclear power to meet the requirements and to control the system method, mainly from the following aspects:

         1, Establish and improve the quality management system

ISO9000 as the enterprises to implement the standardization of quality management, have a look not as specious writing documents and certificates, to cope with all kinds of examination, but from the file record, resources, contract, purchase, material management, equipment, training and the whole process is effective and reasonable control, to the quality manual and procedure documents as the core, taking PDCA as the means, the formation of recording and analysis, in order to product traceability, and achieve the purpose of continuous improvement. And nuclear quality assurance system is based on the ISO specifically for the quality and safety management system of nuclear power plant project, is a part of nuclear safety regulations, classification or grade nuclear power suppliers should be made in accordance with ISO on the same functional use quality requirements for products, processes or systems of different, the implementation of specialized quality management of nuclear power project.

          2, Make the line, emphasize execution

The quality and safety management improve the stressed in strict accordance with the contract work, strictly according to the procedures, four things: they follow, everything is responsible, it is supervised, everything is well documented. It can be said that this is the essence of quality culture, because the P-D-C-A quality management method, of which two core parts of D and A is the "to do" and "executive", according to the requirements of procedures, corrective measures for the problems found, and execution. Can say, to solve what to do and how to do these two problems is to improve the quality and safety management of the core. But in practice, it is difficult to do so, it is the main objective, the executable is poor, it's difficult to implement, the subjective intention of shortcut, there's little clever, and bad habits to inherit the go one's own way. The subjective reason although in the short term as well as the product less and single period can cause big problems, but also may be because shortcuts, bound around many programs, increase efficiency markedly, but from the long-term development of the company, it is a chronic tumour, if not resolved will cause potential risks, such as quality problems can not be retroactive, and even accidents. Subjective neglecting procedure another major hidden trouble is on the whole enterprise management and cultural destruction, the system makes the enterprise not essential, form a heavy surface, interest, light flow, no organized chaos lazy culture tendency.

        To do everything according to the procedures, all the contract work, four things, need to cooperate with multiple levels of the company, is the first leadership attention, urge the improvement program, exemplary safety, shall be comprehensively the allocation of resources, and the necessary information transparent quality safety, supervision, to solicit suggestions and to improve the effect of correction. The second is to staff, the staff all the job, in accordance with the processing procedure and system, in case of doubt, may apply to the relevant competent, if the program problem (error, deletion, etc., the process is unknown) modified code execution, if the environment or subjective problem, can apply for the appropriate allocation of resources to do so. Finally the performance evaluation and reasonable, evaluation and Analysis on individual behavior, organizational behavior and resource management, a good assessment of already established procedures, systems and corporate culture of reinforcement and strengthening, if there is no appraisal mechanism of good, with the original intention when forgotten just established procedures, procedures and system will lose its original the significance of. Companies in the quality system establishment and nuclear safety culture, must pay attention to system, perfect the procedure, improve the coverage and comprehensive program, program execution to the training of related personnel to each when necessary, establish supervision system, regular inspection of a centralized Department program execution, found the problem corrected.


        In relation to the nuclear power project in addition to the procedure, consideration should also have the alertness and fully, to consider the environment and the associated homework problems comprehensively, because more often than not a single job in the implementation of the work, is always accompanied by much more types of cross operation, even need to work, work is often a team at the finish, not individual behavior, so we have to treat every job in a prudent attitude, work performed before the need to ask yourself a few questions: this work has no program? The program is how the provisions? What should I do? Is it right? Is there a better way? If there is a better way, so the first is still in accordance with the procedure of verification method is reliable, to consider the possibility of using this method in the accession process, so as to optimize the original program. Due to nuclear power is no small matter, so in any nuclear power related work should be reported to have questioned the heart, determination procedure, using the correct method, effective communication, to reverse the purpose of verification, to ensure that no danger of anything going wrong.

           4, The high sense of responsibility:

         The high sense of responsibility is not only related to nuclear power project work must have, in their daily work must do, this is the basic conditions to become an excellent staff, to achieve a high degree of responsibility should abide by the rules and regulations, abide by the responsibility, know that it is somewhat do not be somewhat, do not cheap shortcuts; second is the occupation level better, grasp the professional knowledge, can continuously through the actual operation to improve themselves; third, careful, do not let off any problems in the work, there is no fool, not enough to produce it, don't do the specious writing; finally, cultivate good work habits. The cultivation of good habits by the usual accumulation, work from the start, into a natural habit, a way into their work, lifelong benefit; on the contrary, bad work habits will affect their performance, and even counterproductive individual character and style, some may Yi harm life.

           5,  The establishment of a learning organization, enterprise and individual to grow together:

        With the arrival of nuclear power construction, the localization of nuclear power equipment requirements will be increasingly high, the equipment manufacturing industry is the opportunity and a challenge, because nuclear power is different from general civil products, for safety and quality requirements are higher, the industry access threshold is more difficult, including the scale of enterprises, equipment, technology competence, quality system and management ability, must be raised to a certain level, can satisfy the requirements of nuclear power equipment manufacturer, which requires the enterprise in accordance with the nuclear safety quality assurance requirements, through continuous learning, improve management capacity and the level of technology.


          Enterprises that improve, external performance for improving the system and management system, is a rigid side, the inner is the strategic planning and respect the interests of employees, enterprise and employee's vision, it is the soft side, which is the most difficult to do this one, the system can be constantly revised and improved, and how to let employees consciously execution system, realize the goal of enterprise has always been a difficult problem. Companies in this area planning has three aspects, one is to pay attention to the long-term development of enterprises rather than the immediate interests, pay attention to it can enhance the reputation and market products for the enterprise production and management, with safety and quality as the core rather than simply taking profit as the standard. Two is to pay attention to the interests of employees and non enterprise profit maximization, cultivating the staff's sense of honor and team work spirit, strive to make the employees to find a sense of belonging and form mutual support collaborative habits, attention to improving and developing staff. Three the long-term goal is the establishment of the company's employees, and is combined with vision. Our vision is to the staff as the core, to make the company become the employees to achieve individual target platform, and firm and the extent of this platform is to rely on each employee, and in this context, do everything in one's power company to provide training and training opportunities, establish good values and morals the formation, learning and innovation atmosphere, through the joint efforts of the company and employees, have more space for development, the formation of a win-win situation, this is also the company has been promoting enterprise culture -- open, tolerant, harmonious, the ultimate goal of innovation.

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