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About the ¡°Four Things¡±

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                                          About the ¡°Four Things¡±


      "They follow, everything is responsible, it is supervised, everything is well documented," for our company in the management department to improve, "nuclear safety culture" in the early stage, not the average force, but not the one thing for the sake of perfect and drilling horns.System is the need to constantly improve the win support among the people, culture is in the influence character by environment. I am a teacher said: to become a habit, habit, natural culture. Culture is imperceptibly influence people's behavior in the. Now our company is gradually establish and perfect the management system, suitable for the early formation and conducive to the development of the company's corporate culture, so we do not have a lot of habits, not to, this is normal. If no adaptation, it means we have not changed, no progress. In this period, we are reluctant to enforce, and, of course, the application and the system is not suitable, I would like to continue adaptation, until in line with the requirements of the system. System is a complement each other, mutual checks and balances, the perpetual motion of the organism, the organism of enterprise culture is the soul.


        On the "four things", we should first concern is the "all things", how no matter size, importance, everything should be included in the management, and effectively control. Broadly speaking, no matter what is can be ignored, Little sinks the ship. Like a person, you say what organ is not important, that can not, oh, - the cecum. Nuclear safety culture need to be comprehensive, are the same in all cultures, why to say the system is an organism, is because, as time changes, the internal and external environment are changing, system should have immunity and growth. System of each factor also changes with time, and its importance is also changing. As our country is now in the primary stage of socialism, economic construction is the key, but with the foreign military intervention, territorial integrity is threatened, our military is more important. The media broadcast we "Chang'e two" success, control ability is a space in Chinese declared to the world. For the enterprise management system, is to have a comprehensive, focused, development. Our focus now is full of.


         The second step is to execute, rule-based "chapter", the purpose is to "execute", not the executive, "chapter" there is no meaning. When we are not accustomed to everything. "Chapter", we have to force yourself, companies must force every employee. Only in the implementation can be found in "chapter" formulation is appropriate, whether it needs to be improved. Of course, the formulation of the "chapter" is not intended to embarrass "implementation", "chapter" is in order to make the implementation more orderly, more efficient.

        In accordance with the requirements of ISO9001, any behavior to record, according to the nuclear safety requirements, to have traceability. How to analyze the "chapter" adaptability ", how to prove the correct and efficient execution", these are all well documented requirements. "Four things" as its essence, four elements necessary to itself is a perfect management system. At the present stage of Beauvais, we first emphasize the "all things"; we all want to use this four things to check every action we.


          The rapid development of ideas take time for companies to lay a solid foundation of purification-- thinking, responding to the "four things" importance to the company

          Ancient cloud: in Ampang, Wu can decide the country! The two indispensable power, why? Wenwu combining to power! The national strategy of governing the country, with almost related with the modern enterprise management? Yet. For the company, Wu can for the first construction personnel, the article for the technical personnel; Wu for the subcontract company, the article for the company management group; Wu for all members of the company, the article for the company's corporate culture, for the system of the company... Two weak are not words strong, with good balance of political and military achievements, can make the company gradually reached its peak! You don't see many enterprises seek outstanding partner? You don't see many companies seek outstanding technology, management talent? You don't see many companies trying to build their own corporate culture?!

          Back throughout the development process of the company, from 2007 I and intimate contact since, obviously feel the company from extensive management in transition towards standardization, fine management. Review the process pressure vessel forensics company, nuclear forensics work concept company will face, and I know the working condition of the company staff, I feel deeply into the "four things" to work in my company the importance and necessity in the work, it can make the work more our direction, right.

          Everything is responsible. The company has a quality management department, technology department, administration department, the Department of material...... So, each department has its own director, they are responsible for their own departments and responsible for the work, the Department is responsible, command; manufacturing production class, two class, three class production production, pickling class...... So, each class monitor is responsible for their own team, the team is responsible, command; each product has checked the inspection provisions of the personnel responsible for the products, product quality assurance, this is each piece of product quality is responsible for...... The company at this stage to the manufacturing production as the main task, the company introduced a project principal system I think everything is the ultimate responsible person, he is on a project is responsible for: personnel organization, materials, construction quality, construction schedule, technical, logistic guarantee and so on are comprehensive and responsible, a a good project manager will be able to gradually become a project manager, is very important for the company's future development. What is a pity the person in charge of the project and not a very good understanding of the work content, just as a person in charge of the work. Responsibilities clear, every job, every link, every detail is responsible for this is our guarantee of orderly work.

          They follow. The state has its law, family rules, what are we may have violated the law, rules in judging someone based on? We tell someone what basis against the company's system? We judge whether a product meets what is the requirement of pressure vessel fabrication based on? What is the welding current are welding personnel is in exceed the standard state based on? These all can see, everything we follow standard (law, rules, the company system, pressure vessel, welding procedure card). In the manufacture of a product at the start, will carry out technical disclosure, we will see a construction project, it is to guide our construction foundation, the construction scheme of the basis is derived from the various national, industry standards, not allowed to fiction. There's always a "cause" is what we're looking for, there's always a "fruit" is we can use the standard, this is the meaning of the rules, no "because" no "fruit", otherwise it is illegal illegal operation, cause serious harm to the quality of the products will be our. In view of our forthcoming pressure vessel manufacturing and nuclear forensics, we should be familiar with the relevant standards as soon as possible, to lay a solid foundation for the later work. Every job, every link, every detail rules it is our right work security.

          Everything is well documented. In the oil pipe manufacturing process, there will always be a checkpoint to HTC inspection department for examination, inspection after the signature confirmation; when the electrode lead you to the electrode drying room, always write clearly the collar with materials, specifications, quantity, name, place and date; in the oil box manufacturing process we always the batch number written in the layout diagram;...... ; the aim is for a reason: well documented as working now, after the judgment whether the important vouchers correctly, but also to counter check, continuous improvement on the basis of problems. If not up to everything is well documented, once appear problem, will not be able to carry out rectification cause analysis and problem. Therefore, recording and data storage process effective and sum up experience, continuous improvement. Every job, every link and every detail can be documented is the important guarantee for traceability.

            It is supervised. There is a saying: when the tigers also have a nap. In the work even though we do one thing, but still can make mistakes, it needs other people to inspect our work, find the wrong place, guarantee the quality of the products. Supervision also can strengthen our quality consciousness, responsibility consciousness, the indispensable role to ensure that the quality of the work. Every job, every link and every detail people check, someone supervision is an important guarantee to obtain excellent working quality.

           The company is in a growth stage, there are many places not just as one wishes, there are many places need to be improved. Review all the mistakes in the work of the past, if can soon put the "four things" applies to our work, should be able to reduce a lot of mistakes. For our present construction condition, we should overcome the difficulty, I think we should do better, also can do better, "attitude decides the development, detail decides success or failure". Facing the market pressure, we have no time to wait, we only go straight on and no escape route. This requires all employees of our company change the thought, change idea, bad work habits, establish correct, good work ethic, "four things" well into the work, in the construction of nuclear power to meet the new situation of peak.




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