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Companies to promote open, tolerant, harmonious working environment of interpersonal, rigorous, careful work attitude, innovation spirit. Each employee in the boom period is not only the business skills and the improvement of life quality, more to appreciate the work and life of funny.

Open thinking method----Be good at thinking, let the thinking go far. have mutual communications and realize commongrowth

Tolerant characters----Broad-minded, bear others' shortcomings, find one's advantages, look back onto oneself

Harmonous living attitude----Obey the traditional virtues, be goog to family, be friendly to colleagues and friends, live a pleasant life

Creative of job spirit----On the careful cautious ground wok,active job, brave to inovate

"Talent exchange" fun game

"Ninety anniversary party celebration" Sing

Students training

For the hope primary school book donation activity

In the town the sports meeting

2011 brilliant dynamic new year winter games


2012 Bevan power games

2016 Bofine Spring Festival games

2017 plum blossom outdoor development training

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